Drupal SEO Scanner

There are many different frameworks and systems you can use to build a website on. All have their pros and cons. No matter which platform or CMS you go with SEO is always going to be an issue that you need to focus on. This tool is a Drupal SEO scanner. It will help you find any errors and technical problems on your blog that might be preventing your website from ranking well on search engines like Google.

How To Use – SEO for Drupal

To scan your Drupal website for SEO errors, enter the url of a page from your website into the form above. If you have a target keyword you want to check your page for, you can also provide this. Once you click submit, a report will be presented in a few seconds that will help you improve your website.

If you have provided a keyword, you will also get some suggestions on how you can make this page rank better. Backlinks are always king here but there are on-page improvements that you need to make sure you do. The page content is something that you control completely. There is no reason why you shouldn’t make it perfect.

On page, technical changes can be a little more difficult to resolve if you are not someone who is code-savvy. Since Drupal is an open system that you control, the fixes will be on you to deal with. If you are using this CMS and do not know much about code, it may be worth moving to a website building framework like Wix.

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