Joomla SEO Scanner

Joomla is a popular CMS used on may websites across the web. Like any web development platform, optimizing posts for search engines is critical. For those developing websites in Joomla, you will be a little more restricted in the SEO tools you have available to you when compared to the likes of WordPress. This tool aims to help by scanning your website and giving you an SEO score.

How To Use – SEO For Joomla

To get started, enter the URL of the page you want to test. Provide a target keyword for this page and click the button. A report will be generated for your site in a few seconds.

Making sure you have the perfectly optimized website is near impossible these days. Google suggests you focus on good content and automated tools like this will encourage the use of keywords. The best you can aim to do is make the content easy to read and informative and try to balance this with some of the suggestions here.

You may be aware that some of these SEO problems exist on your Joomla website already. If you are aware and understand the significance, it may be perfectly fine to ignore them. There are easy things to miss. If you have a missing alt tag, you should be able to get this added quite easily and at little cost on time.

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