SEO URL Scanner

If you are having trouble ranking in search engines for a particular keyword, this tool will help you pinpoint any problems you might have in the page content. This free SEO scanner will analyze your page and attempt to find some issues on the web page that could be negatively impacting your ability to rank or even get indexed. To get started, enter the URL below and if you want, enter the target keyword you are trying to rank for. Once the scan is complete, a report will be generated below.

It is highly important you make the effort to ensure that your web page is optimized for search engines as much as possible. Google is constantly changing and tweaking the algorithm. One thing has remained constant, and that is their attitude of content is king. That is what this free SEO scanner aims to help you with. To write better content and also to ensure there are no technical issues on the page.

When it comes to on-page SEO, the focus is often on the text content. There is also a lot to check for on the entire page itself. Some mistakes with HTML tags that are not visible on the page but are visible to search engines can create huge problems for your ability to rank a keyword. The report for this scan will check HTTP headers along with all of the hidden on-page tags that you may not be able to see.

It can often be hard to get a perfect SEO score for your content, but you should try your best. If there are some small points that seem insignificant, it is still worth implementing them. SERP Rankings have become a highly competitive area. If you want to make money from ranking well for a valuable keyword, do everything in your power to ensure the web page is good.