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E-commerce is competitive as hell these days. It is so easy to get a web store set up and running that it becomes incredibly difficult to stand out from the noise. Shopify is one of the best online platforms for running an online store. When it comes to standing out from the crowd, that work is on you. Building a compelling store that is optimized for search engines can be difficult. This scanner will help make this a little easier.

How To Use – SEO For Shopify

Start by providing a URL from your Shopify website. Any URL will work and you may want to test multiple from your site. With just a URL, the report will give you an idea of the health of your website in terms of its technical construction. If you want to get the full SEO report, provide a target keyword and it will let you know how well you are targeting this.

When it comes to web stores, text-heavy is not always the best for the user experience, but it is the best for search engines. At the end of the day, they love text. This tool will most likely suggest you add more as product descriptions tend not to be very long. Do your best to try and bring the word count up to 300. Have a quick description at the top but aim to have a detailed description too. Not only will search engines love it, but potential customers will want to know as much as possible about the product.

When deciding on a target keyword for the product, the name of the product is always good, but not if the name is long. Try using several variations of keywords including some long-tail keywords. There is no limit to how many reports you can generate so test as much as you want to see how well you are ranking for those keywords. The better you do for multiple keywords, the more traffic you will get to your Shopify site and hopefully lead to lots more sales.

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