TLDR Generator

TLDR stands for Too Long Didn’t Read. It is often used online for large news pieces where people want a short summary for a piece of text rather than having to read the entire document.

The process of automatically generating this is a challenging area of software as natural language parsing is quite difficult. This tool is a TLDR generator that will attempt, and I use the word attempt strongly, to perform a TLDR on the content in a URL provided. If you want to create a TLDR summary from a piece of text, you can do that using this text summarizer tool

Number of Sentences

How to create a TLDR summary

Simply provide a URL into the box above and click submit. The tool will fetch the HTML from the web page and will extract all of the paragraph tags. This way it will avoid content from sidebars and other random words on a page that have no meaning to the primary document. It will then try to find all of the most important sentences in the body of text and provide it to you as a summary.

You can specify the number of sentences that you want back. The more sentences you ask for, the more informative the piece will be. Sentences returned in this way will be ordered. The most relevant and important pieces of text will be returned at the start and it will get less relevant to the central theme as you go further down with more sentences.

The Tool Isn’t Generating A Good Summary

Natural language processing is quite difficult. It is an area that is quite new to me. If the summary is not good, please leave some feedback below and I will try to use all the feedback i can to make this tool better.

If the page is not even loading at all, the origin website might be blocking the requests this tool is making. If the website thinks that my website is trying to scrape data, which it might do, it will try to block the request and as a result, a TLDR will not be generated. As a bot, this tool must respect the wishes of other websites to not be crawled by bots. There are ways to get around it, but I will not be able to implement it on this tool for fear of getting in trouble for it.

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