VM Interactive Review – Suspicious behavior, not good!

I recently got an email from someone with an email address from @vminteractive.co.uk looking to guest post on a website. I deal with this as I always do and I ended up deciding not to publish the guest post because it was badly written and spammy.

Some time passed and I didn’t think any more of it until I got a different outreach email from someone else using a Gmail account. Appearing to be totally unrelated to VM Interactive. I progressed as usual with the guest posting and ended up getting sent the exact same crappy guest post that was sent to me from the VM Interactive email address.

Rather than ignore the email, I decided to reply. I want to keep this shit list alive and felt like the behavior from this SEO marketing company was very unprofessional.

The Gmail user was linked to VM Interactive

I replied back and said that I had received this exact same guest post article in the past and rejected it because it was garbage. The person replied and admitted that they had sent it in the past but because we failed to reach an agreement, they decided to try again. I guess I wasn’t clear when I said that the guest post they sent me was spammy garbage.

I asked whether this Gmail user was related to VM Interactive as he was trying to make me publish the exact same sponsored post. His response was ” They give me this article to published. But they already had discussion with you about this so you can publish the other two. “

This isn’t exactly criminal behavior, but it is deceptive and unwelcome. I hate it when people try to trick me like this. Did they think I would change my mind with a second attempt?

For those thinking of hiring this company for SEO outreach, I am sure they will get you some backlinks for your website, but I wouldn’t have faith they will get them from quality sites. With an outreach approach like this, they are sure to annoy editors from bigger websites. The websites that actually give worthwhile backlinks.

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