Weebly SEO Scanner

If you are looking to get an online store setup, but don’t know much about writing code and web development, Weebly can be a really useful place for you to go. One of the more challenging things to deal with is making your website stand out from the competition. Ranking well on search engines requires you to learn about SEO. This tool is a Weebly SEO scanner. Enter the URL of a page and enter a term that you would like to rank for on Google, this tool will give you some improvements that you should make.

Weebly as a platform should provide you with good levels of performance and most of the technical SEO aspects should be sorted for you. The only thing you should really have to worry about is writing good SEO content. Something that is surprisingly difficult when you know little about how it is done. It can be so hard to break ahead of a competitor who has a team to do this sort of stuff.

Try not to let all of this stuff overwhelm you too much. Getting up to speed with search engine rankings and all of the terminology can be difficult. There are plenty of guides on this site under the SEO section that can help you get up to speed quickly.

If anyone is new to this and is having difficulty understanding the report generated by the Weebly SEO scanner and needs some help, please leave a comment down below and I or someone else with more experience in this area may be able to give you a hand.