10 Uses For An Old Smartphone

Smartphones are objects of great utility and versatility. However, once they become outdated, we usually relegate them to being mere paperweights or unnecessary drawers clutter. Yet, these old faithful friends can still pack a mean punch. Here are ten ingenious ways to give your old smartphones a new lease on life.

1. Dedicated Media Player or E-Reader

No more worries about draining battery life by streaming music or reading eBooks on your primary device. You can repurpose an old smartphone as a dedicated media player or e-reader. Load the phone with your favorite music, or install an e-reader app like Amazon Kindle or Nook. With the aid of an AUX cable or Bluetooth, you can even connect it to your car stereo system or another audio output for an immersive musical experience.

2. Security Camera

Turn your old smartphone into a security camera, saving you money on expensive security systems. Apps like Alfred, Manything, or AtHome Camera can transform your device into a remote surveillance camera, downloadable on both Android and Apple devices. You can monitor your home, office, or other valuable areas 24/7 from anywhere – all you need is a stable connection.

3. Digital Photo Frame

If you love having rotating pictures of loved ones on display, then turning your old device into a digital photo frame could be just right for you. There are numerous smartphone apps available like Digital Photo Frame, Pix-Star, or Fotoo that can display images in a slideshow format, offering a beautiful visual display for desks or countertops.

4. Universal Remote Controller

Most modern home devices use wireless communication for remote control. Install a smart home controller app on your old smartphone, and it can act as a universal remote for several devices, including TV, home theatre system, air conditioning, and even lighting. Apps like Sure Universal, AnyMote, or Universal TV Remote are all worth checking out.

5. Gaming Console

Have a blast from the past by converting your old phone into a retro gaming console. Apps like RetroArch or My Boy emulate games from vintage consoles like NES, Sega Genesis, or Game Boy. It’s a fun and nostalgic way to reuse your device that’ll keep you entertained for hours.

6. Learning Tools

If you have kids, an old smartphone can be a great educational tool. Apps like ABCmouse, Duolingo, and Starfall offer engaging and interactive lessons – they’re specifically designed to make learning fun and engaging. Because it’s an entire device dedicated to learning, you won’t have to worry about in-app purchases or inappropriate content.

7. Alarm Clock

An old smartphone can serve as an excellent dedicated alarm clock. Alarm clock apps like Alarmy, Early Bird, and I Can’t Wake Up! have various alarm styles for heavy sleepers, sunrise simulation, and even lucid dreaming. By keeping all your alarms (and snooze hits) independent from your main device, you also maintain better battery health for your everyday mobile.

8. GPS Navigation

repurposing and old phone

Repurpose your old smartphone into a dedicated GPS navigator for your car or bike. With offline maps from apps like OsmAnd or MAPS.ME, you won’t even need an internet connection. This keeps your primary phone free for important calls and also saves a lot of battery power.

9. Pet-Sitter

Your old smartphone can make a great pet camera that allows you to monitor your pets when you are away from home. Track the behavior of your pet or just check in to see what it’s doing. Apps like IP Webcam or Dog Monitor let you stream video directly to your new phone, so you’ll always have peace of mind.

10. Recipe Book or Cooking Guide

If you love to cook, refurbish your old smartphone into a digital cookbook. Download apps like Tasty, BBC Good Food, or BigOven, and your device can be your guide to thousands of recipes from around the world. You could also capture your tried-and-tested recipes with photos and notes.

In short, don’t discard your old smartphones; there are numerous ways to repurpose them. With a little creativity, you can turn your older models into handy devices that can perform an incredible array of tasks.

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