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I have just purchased a large package of backlinks and I want to make sure google will read them as quickly as possible so that my website will get better rankings. Search console wont let me submit links from other websites that I do not own so i dont know where else to do it
I have published a really important page on my website and I want to make sure Google knows about it so they can get it added to their search results. How do i submit my url to google search?
I got some advice on building a website and I was told that I need to have SEO setup i want to make the website a success. Since I have built this site on Weebly I wanted to know if Weebly has SEO available that I can use to improve my website?
Sometimes it is hard to find a use for an image in a blog post. Even if there is a way to include an image, it is hard to find a good one to use that benefits the post rather than just adding something ugly for the sake of it. How important are images in…
I am trying to promote my website so that it gets more traffic. I have been told that I need more paid links but I don't know what this means. What are paid links and how do I get them?
I have been using an online SEO scanner and it has told me that I need to change the website to use better urls. What is seo friendly url and why should i update my website to use them?
I need to get rid of bad links from my website, but I dont know how to do this. I know I need to use the disvow tool but i havn't been able to find the disvow tool in the webmaster tools ui. Where do you find the tool?