I am adding some social links to the social menu as part of the theme editor. I am using the WordPress 2020 theme. The icons are not visible when I add them.  I saved the changes and checked the HTML of the page and I could see the icons in the html but they aren't…
I want to get my website to show up on google. It is built using the wordpress CMS. It is now ready for people to use and i want to publish it so that people can find it through searching on Google. Can someone explain what I need to do to do this?
Is wikipedia a search engine? It is such a big site with so much data that you can easily nagivate and find what you want. Does this mean that it is the same thing as a search engine?
I have just created a new website on Weebly that I am really happy with. I have completed everything and I feel like it is ready to go. How do I make my Weebly website show up on Google so that people can find it when they search for things?
I have just been contacted by a company called Copytrack via email. They claim I am using an image from someone they represent and want me to pay a large sum of money to purchase the rights to the image and pay for the "damages" i have caused to the client in loss of revenue.…
is there a monthly cost for it or is Google analytic free for people to use to track visitors on their website?
My emails keep ending up in spam folders. I ran a spam check and my email is showing up as being blacklisted. Why has this happened?
I already have wordfence free running on my website. Im not entirely sold on whether I need to upgrade. It doesn't sound like it does anything special to make my life any better or make the site any safer. Is wordfence premium worth it or should i stick with the free version?