What is the difference between an expired domain and deleted domain?

Asked By Elli Mongillo On

I have been looking through lists of domains trying to find some good ones to buy, there are a LOT of them that are either expired or deleted. What is the difference between the two terms? Sounds like they would both mean the same thing.

1 Answer

Answered By Dan On

Expired means it was owned by someone recently and the time to renew has expired. When this happens there is usually a grace period for the owner to save it. During this time, people are unable to buy the domain because it has been temporarily reserved for the person who had owned it previously. Once this grace period is up, the domain can be purchased as normal.

A deleted domain means the owner has either decided to delete it before it expired. Deleted domains may take some time before they become available for sale again. There is a difference between the 2 but there isn't much to help you decide which one is the best one to go for when you are hunting for some expired domains to buy

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