Understanding Domain SEO Metrics

When you are jumping into the world of SEO, you will discover that there are a lot of different domain SEO metrics that people use to measure the quality of the domain. Is DA from Moz better than DR from Ahrefs?

The short answer is no. Each SEO tool has its own way of calculating the quality of a domain. The number of quality backlinks is the primary source of generating domain SEO metrics. They all have some different ways of calculating the value, but for the most part, work the same way.

What is Domain DA? – Domain Authority

DA is one of the older measurements of the quality of a domain. Moz came up with this measurement and it works on a scale of 1-100. DA is a calculation that is based on the backlink count and the quality of the root domains those links come from. A huge number of backlinks wont mean a higher DA. You will increase DA by getting more backlinks from reputable, niche related domains.

What Is Domain RD? – Referring Domains

Referring domains is a simple count of domains that are linking to a website. This is not a scale. This is why you often see a RD score that goes way beyond 1000. This isn’t always a good measure of quality since it is very easy to get backlinks from a large number of domains. However, if a website has a RD score of over 1000, you can be somewhat confident that the domain is going to have a reasonable level of traffic and be a site that will pass some authority to you if you were to obtain a backlink from it.

What is Domain Page Score?

Page Score was once an incredibly useful metric for measuring the quality of a websites SEO. If you find an SEO service that is even mentioning improving a websites page score, you should avoid it as they are using outdated practices.

Page score was a scale of 1- 10. This score was provided by Google themselves. The problem is that people were able to make changes to their site, check their page score and learn what tricks were good at manipulating their ranking. Google no longer provide this metric to the public anymore, making it useless to use as a measurement for your website.

What Is Domain TF? – Trust Flow

Trust flow is one part of an important score of calculating the quality of a domain from Majestic. The score is used to measure how trustworthy a website is based on the quality backlinks that it has. Trust flow will only increase when you start getting quality backlinks to a website. This measurement is quite similar to the Moz domain authority score in that it will take multiple factors other than the total number of backlinks to measure the authority and strength of a domain.

What Is Domain CF? – Citation Flow

This is another measurement from Majestic that is related to backlinks. Citation Flow will measure how many backlinks your website has. A high CF can be good, but if it is accompanied with a low TF it is a sign that your domain has a large number of low quality backlinks. CF will measure the total of backlinks but TF will measure how many worthwhile, trustworthy domains are providing those backlinks.

What Is Domain DR – Domain Rating

Domain Rating is a measurement from Ahrefs similar to Domain Authority and Trust Flow. It will give a score to a domain based on the quality of the backlink profile. It is a measurement of 1-100 with higher being better. A large number of backlinks from poor quality websites, will not increase the domain rating of a website. You will need to obtain high quality backlinks.