Add Grid To Image

This is a simple tool that will add a grid overlay to any image. This can be great for drawing if you want to break a larger image up into smaller portions. Use a larger grid size and thickness if the image is large and not rendering correctly.

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Slide to scale grid 40px
Grid Thickness
Grid Color
Image Format



Select the image format from the dropdown to save an exact copy of the image in the window to your device.

I built this tool to add a grid to an image file and kept it super basic. If anyone has some additional requirements they would like added to this tool to make it more useful, please let me know and I will see what I can get done. I am not an artist, so I am not sure what people might use this for. For me, it was a simple case of adding some squares to an image so I could break up the contents of the picture to make it easier to draw the same image on paper. Hopefully this tool is as useful for you as it was for me.


    1. I think this may beyond my understanding of image editing but I will look into it next time I make some changes to this tool

  1. You are a godsend this is the best grid image overlay tool I could find, period. Incredibly useful for mapmaking.

    1. What kind of question is this? First things first, you cant hack someone from uploading an image. Second, its a javascript based tool so my server doesn’t know a single thing about what you upload or do, it all happens in your web browser. Lastly, if this was some kind of sneaky plan for me to hack people, do you think someone would admit it because you asked?

  2. Just want to say THANK YOU! Your tool to add a grid to my image was very helpful and so simple to use. You’re a legend.

  3. thanks lot . I search some many websites But they don’t support webp file format . this websites support webp file (image)

  4. This does not work properly for an iPad.
    Downloads as a ‘document’ with no extension.
    Had to rename and add extension, before it would work.
    Other than that all goods, thanks
    I.e…. image.png

  5. This was super useful for me as I began a dog portrait, a subject that primarily as a landscape artist, is way outside my comfort zone. I found the weight of the lines and colors of the lines particularly useful! Bravo for making such a simple to use tool available.

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