Are Smart Light Switches Safe

Once you get the bug to start converting your home into a smart home, you are eventually going to get to the point where you have some light fixtures that you cant use smart bulbs with. Lights that use G7 and G9 bulbs in particular aren’t easily converted into smart lights. This can put a stop to your march toward full home automation. This is where smart light switches come into the picture.

Smart light switches are similar to standard light switches except the switch will contain some additional technology that will allow it to connect to the wifi in your home. When connected, you will be able to toggle the power on this light switch without ever having to touch it.

This is the perfect solution and is a bit nicer than having to use smart bulbs which can end up being unusable if you accidentally turn off the light switch, cutting off power to the bulb. The more you start to think of it, however, you start to realise that smart light switches can seem a little riskier.

Are Smart Light Switches Safe To Install?

Any smart light switch that is sold by a reputable brand and adheres to all health and safety regulations in your country should be safe. We all know that there can be rare cases where electronics can malfunction, even from the most reliable of brands.

If your smart bulb starts to act strange, it is very easy for you to cut off the power and remove it from the light fixture to avoid it causing any problems. If your smart light switch starts to malfunction, you are in a more difficult situation. You will need to get in touch with an electrician and will more than likely need to cut off power to the lighting network, meaning multiple rooms in your home will now have no lights.

If you go away on holiday, it is easy to turn off the standard mechanical switch on the wall to turn off the power to your smart bulb if you are worried about any fire hazards. A smart light switch is always going to be connected to the power. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is dangerous, but it does pose a risk that if things were to go wrong, it is a lot harder to handle and fix without professional help.

Should I Use Smart Light Switches

There is no reason to now use a smart light switch, but when installing them, always seek professional help, for two reasons. First, installing these switches is not always the same as a standard light switch. Some additional wiring may be needed and the back box in the wall may need to be changed to a larger one to fix the smart switch.

The second is that if you do this wrong and it does cause a fire, a lot of home insurance will not cover you as this kind of electrical work should always be performed by a qualified and registered electrician.

So when considering smart light switches, do not cut corners. If you do not want to pay an electrician, then you are going to need to stick to using smart bulbs.

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