GUID Validator

The tool below is a GUID validator. Paste your value into the box and it will check to see whether this is a valid GUID. These values are globally unique identifiers and must be formatted a certain way in order to be considered a valid, parsable value. Different languages may allow some flexibility in the formatting but the standard formatting is a 32 character hexadecimal string that has 4 dashes separating sections of the value. To check if the value you are using is valid, use the input box below and click the button.

Is a GUID Valid If It has No Dashes?

A GUID is a value that is based on the hexadecimal values and not the dashes. Although the dashes are not required in order for it to be considered valid, they are used more often than not and some parsers may not consider a value valid if the dashes do not exist. Using the validation tool above, if it detects the value does not have any dashes, it will add them to the value in the correct places for you automatically.

Why are GUID dashes placed unevenly?

If the dashes are not required for a valid GUID, why do they appear to be placed randomly in groups of 8, 4, 4 and 12 characters. The answer is the dashes are separating specific parts of the value. Just like how country code and local code are often separated with a space in telephone numbers, the segments of values that make up a GUID are broken up and a dash is used to represent this location. A computer can easily read the value without them so the true reason for this is likely to help with readability. Rather than a human having to count characters to figure out what the first 8 values are, the dash does it and makes this incredibly easy to read. A string of 32 characters, which depending on the font, could be harder to read without the dashes.

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