Simple “Are You Sure” Confirmation Box On Link Click

There are lots of ways to validate a link click. If you are programming a website that will be used by a large number of clients, then you will need to use a more secure method of validating user clicks. This is a very simple way of implementing this. If you are looking to prevent accidental deletion of important content, then you should really redirect to a confirm page before continuing to complete the delete.

I like to use this method of confirmation as a quick validation for clicking links that aren’t of major importance. Rather than the effort of using advanced validation It is nice to use this to protect. If it doesn’t work, its not a big deal as i can click the button again to undo it, but it never hurts.

You can implement this using a single method in the onclick handle of any clickable link in html.

<a href="link.html" onclick='return confirm("Are you sure?")'>Click here</a>

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