What does SERP mean?

So here we are, a guide to learn SEO and we are already learning about a new acronym. Not to worry though, this is not a process that needs to be learned. In fact the acronym sounds far more difficult than what it actually is. SERP stands for “Search Engine Results Page”. In other words, the page that shows the links to websites after you search something.

This is a term that gets used a lot and I feel it does overcomplicate the language at times. Without it however, it would make things quite bloated, so it is good to get this out of the way early.

What Is SERP?

Ultimately all of your work toward improving your website’s SEO will boil down to the results page on a search engine. The end goal after all is to rank #1 on Google. Everything that this guide is going to explain will go toward pushing your website to the #1 spot on a search result page (SERP).

There is absolutely nothing complicated about this aspect of SEO. It’s actually the way to check if your SEO efforts are working. The results on the SERP page is based on Googles search algorithm. If your website content is well built and optimized, the algorithm will select your post and display it on the results page.

How to check if your site is showing up in SERP?

Well the first method is to go to Google and perform a search. If you do not see your website on the first page, then you will need to improve your SEO efforts. Let’s be honest though, nobody has time to check Google non stop to see if your website is showing up in search results. The good news is there are many automated tools that do this for you. Once they are setup, they will monitor Google for you daily and give you a report to see where your rankings stand. I will go onto this topic later on in the guide, but if you want the shortcut right away, I would recommend checking out SEMRush. Using this tool will be a critical part of your success and it is something I will use in examples on this website.