Add Text To Image

Use this free tool to add text to an image. Simply select the image file that you want to overlay text onto and you will get a small editor with preview. Set the font size, style and set the stroke or text outline. You can then save the image in a range of different web-friendly image formats. No watermark will be placed on the image, the process is completely free.

Select an Image File

*Supports jpg, jpeg, png, gif
Other browsers may support additonal formats such as webp
Your browser does not support HTML canvas.
*Drag text to change position

Font Style
Text Align
Font Size
Outline Thickness
Image Format

All images you select are only ever stored in your web browser to reduce bandwidth. Uploading excessively large images 3000px + may cause some performance issues in your web browser. The larger the image you select the larger the font size required to add text to the image effectively. Use a stroke/outline to make the text more defined over the image.

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