Best Documentation Plugins For WordPress

I have recently needed to spend some time looking for some good WordPress documentation plugins to use on this website. There are quite a few out there but the quality can vary quite a bit. To save you some time, I have put together a list of the best documentation plugins for WordPress so you can start building a documentation wiki right away.

Documentor is a great plugin if you are building documentation for a product where the site itself is dedicated to that product. If you are running a website where you want to document many things that have diverse categories, this plugin is not the best choice. You can pay for the pro version which will allow you to document multiple items, something that might be worth it if you prefer the quality of this plugin.

This one is quite good. In fact, its very good. I used this one for quite a while and had very little trouble with it. You can create many documentation entries. So if you run a site where you want to document lots of different things, this plugin will allow you to easily There is a limit to the amount of documents that can be nested inside one documentation entry. Might be a limitation for some people. I also experienced a weird 404 error when using a redis cache. Whatever way this plugin rewrites urls, causes issues. It would be good if this could be disabled.

This plugin is probably the best quality one you will find, but this comes at a price, literally. If you just want to add documentation for a single product or subject, this is just fine. If you want to document multiple things, something you can do in the likes of weDocs, you will need to pay. This addon costs $29 and all of the other addons cost money too. It is possible to get the same functionality with a free plugin, but this one does have a good level of quality to it.

The quality of this plugin is not as high as the other wordpress documentation plugins. It is reliable though, it lacks the fancy UI elements that the others have, but it is solid and functional. It has not been updated in a while though, so I expect this may eventually stop working or lead to some compatibility issues.

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