Bingo Number Generator

Bingo is a popular number game that is typically played when numbered balls are picked out at random and the first person to fill a card wins. Rather than use a physical drum, this online tool is a bingo number generator that will randomly generate numbers that will let you quickly play bingo without needing to source a drum filled with bingo balls. The controls on the page below will provide you with everything that you need to play a complete game as many times as you want.

Since there are differences in the bingo game in the US and UK, this tool allows you to set the upper ball limit to make up for the difference. Enter the max number of balls you want to allow for and the bingo generator will select one random ball between the range each time you click the button. It will also provide something about the ball for the bingo caller to use. Before you start playing, make sure you have set the correct number of balls to match the bingo cards you are using. You do not want to call out a ball that is higher or lower than the maximum number on the cards.

Numbers that have already been called out will appear at the bottom of the page. No numbers will be called twice so this tool can be used to create a bingo game in a bar or some other location. All you need are bingo cards. This tool is completely free to use without the need for a license.

Number of Balls
Click the button above to start playing.

Free Bingo Cards & Tickets

Depending on where you are in the world, you will be playing 75 ball bingo or 90 ball bingo. If you are looking to generate some free bingo cards or tickets to use for this game, you can use out free tool to create and print out cards for use with your game.

You can use this tool for generating 90 ball bingo tickets and use this tool for creating 75 ball bingo cards.

These tools are completely free, just like this bingo ball tool. You can generate and print an unlimited amount of cards to setup the perfect game of bingo without having to spend a penny!

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  1. Excellent website … do you have any versions where you have all 90 numbers shown, and the numbers that are already generated/called out are highlighted on the 90 number page?
    Do you build anything if requested? (Happy to pay of course). Something we can always use and have the program on our laptop.
    Thx so much

    1. I dont but it wouldnt be a difficult thing to generate. I will look into adding some layout alterations to this tool.

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