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MP3 is a common audio format that is lossy. This means that it can be compressed at the cost of the quality of the audio. If you are dealing with a very large mp3 file that has a high bitrate, you can compress it by reducing the bitrate. This tool will allow you to compress an mp3 file in order to reduce the file size. Select the mp3 file below and configure the compression settings to reduce the size of your music file.

Select a file with audio to convert
Conversion Format
Bit Rate (only applicable to lossy formats)
Large source files may fail to convert due to memory issues. See the log for more

Some audio formats are smaller than others. This is based on the compression algorithm that they use. Generally, mp3 is the most popular due to it providing a good balance between audio quality and file size. If you wish to convert to a different file type, use the drop-down above.

How to compress an MP3 using bitrate

A bitrate is what determines the size of the converted file. A bitrate of 192000 will generally give you a high-quality audio file but will also be slightly larger when stored on the disk. You can expect the average song to take up around 6-8mb of disc space with this level of quality.

Dropping this down to 128000 will greatly reduce the size of the file. Giving you a file size of around 3mb for the average audio track. The audio quality will go down but often by just a small amount. If you are listening at high volume through good speakers, you will hear the difference. If you are simply using headphones, you will probably hear no difference at all.

How to Reduce File Size Without Degrading Quality

There is no answer to this. Lossless compression exists, and it will only make a file so small. Wav files are lossless and they will take up a huge amount of space. Lossy formats are called this because they ditch pieces of data in order to make the file smaller. The more compression you add, the more data that is lost. Once it is gone, it doesn’t come back. There is no such thing as the perfect mp3 compressor.

As you reduce the bitrate of the mp3, you are instructing the code, to compress the audio file and remove some data in the process. The data removed is going to make the audio quality a little more muddy and distorted at high volumes. At lower volumes, you might not hear a thing.

To get the best possible balance between quality and size, play around with the bitrate box above. A preview of the converted file will appear above when the conversion has completed. If you are unhappy, increase the bitrate, if you think the quality is good, try make the bitrate lower. A table showing you how much memory has been saved will also appear. This will help you get everything you need to know before saving the final file.

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  1. My file jut got bigger…..

    Source File Size: 5.18 mb
    Converted File Size: 6.88 mb
    Size Difference: 1734.53 kb

    File size has increased by 24.63%

  2. took some effort trying for the proper bit rate. Was able to convert a 17.4 MB mp3 down to 8 MB using a bitrate of 12800 NOT 128000. Thanks


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