Extract Audio From Video File

This useful tool will allow you to extract the audio from a video file and convert it to an mp3 or some audio-only format. Currently, large video files are unsupported due to memory issues with web browsers. Intense video conversion requires a lot of memory. This tool will allow you to extract audio from video for free without needing to download anything. Large video files will more than likely run out of memory. This is best suited for short clips.

Select a file with audio to convert
Conversion Format
Bit Rate (only applicable to lossy formats)
Large source files may fail to convert due to memory issues. See the log for more

Using this tool is simple, select the video from your local computer. Set the format you want to use and click convert. The process may take a few minutes depending on the speed of the device and the size of the video file. Once the conversion is complete, a preview of the final audio file will be displayed below.

Will extracting the audio from the video reduce file size?

Yes, the file size will be significantly smaller once you remove the video stream from the file. The video takes up a large amount of space compared to audio. Without this, you should have a significantly smaller file. You can also use the bitrate to reduce the size of the file. Just be aware that the lower the bitrate the worse the audio quality is going to be.

The only problem you might come across is if the video file is very large and the process runs out of memory. This tool is only for smaller file conversions. If you have a very large video that you wish to convert, you will need to download an application to your PC that is dedicated to this and has a large number of resources available to perform the job.

What video formats are supported for conversion?

Some video formats require specific codecs and this is where things get complicated. The tool currently supported the MPEG video format which is widely used and very common. This is the video format that YouTube will use. There are plenty of other common formats that you can use if you wish. There is no hard restriction on what formats you can use, so attempt it if you wish and see what the outcome is.

I have uploaded a valid video but it fails to convert to audio?

Check the progress box for some log messages. Everything you need to know will be in here. The most common cause for failure is the script running out of memory. As I have mentioned already, anything to do with video processing takes up a lot of system resources. Web browsers only give a small amount of memory to a web page to use. If the conversion process uses up more memory than your web browser allows this page to use, it will run out of memory and could crash the browser tab.

There is no fix for this, it is a limitation of the web browsers and it is a valuable safety restriction for it to have. If you are dealing with large video files that are very long, you are best off trying to find a piece of free software you can download to your pc that is capable of separating audio from video.

Hopefully, the video file you are using is small enough that you were able to extract a valid audio clip from it. Please share the tool if you found it useful. It greatly helps.

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