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There are many different audio formats available these days. Each has its own uses and advantages. Quite often, someone may send you a wav file which is incredibly large and you need to get this converted to a smaller format such as mp3. This free online audio converter will help you do just that!

Select a file with audio to convert
Conversion Format
Bit Rate (only applicable to lossy formats)
Large source files may fail to convert due to memory issues. See the log for more

To get started, drag and drop or select a file from your device. The entire conversion process is completed using ffmpeg.js. This means your audio file will not be uploaded anywhere, everything is done in the browser. Select the file format from the dropdown box and you can convert your audio file to mp3, wav, ogg, aiff or flac. All of these formats are also supported allowing you to convert many file types to whatever you need.

Setting Audio Bitrate for Conversion

There is a form field that will allow you to set the bit rate for the file conversion. Without going into huge detail. The bitrate will apply to MP3, ogg and aiff files. A higher bit rate will maintain the best quality. Keep in mind, if you are converting from an mp3 with a 96k bitrate, increasing this will not improve the quality of the audio.

The size of the converted file will appear at the bottom of the form when the generation has completed. If you are unhappy with the outcome, you can change the bitrate and attempt the conversion again until you are happy.

online audio converter

Online audio converter to convert various audio formats for free without needing to download anything

Can I use this online audio converter for other audio formats?

I have added a default clause into the code that will force the script to attempt the conversion of any audio file. So if you have a less common format and want to convert it to mp3, it may still work. The only limitation is with the format that the audio is converted to. I need to explicitly add the supporting formats. If you feel I have left out a common format that files should be converted to, please let me know and I will look into getting it added.

Easily Convert WAV to Mp3

Wav is a file format that provides great, lossless quality, but also takes up a lot of disk space. Using a lossy format like mp3, even at a high bitrate, generally gives a much lower file size with minimal quality loss. You can use this tool to easily convert wav to mp3.

If you need a full list of all of the possible conversion outcomes, check out the list at the bottom of this page.

Issues Converting Large Audio Files Online

Your web browser is going to have a certain memory limit that makes file conversion difficult at times. Wav files are raw and uncompressed. They take up a large amount of space. There is no limitation on the duration of an audio file but there is a limit on the size of the file itself. The script will run out of memory when dealing with files that are over 100mb. You can attempt to do the conversion if you want, but you may get an error saying there was an issue with the audio stream and it was unable to convert the data for you.

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