Propeller Ads Review – Avoid Them!

I have read a lot of blog posts about how people are making $100s every day from the amazing ads provided from Propeller Ads. So I decided to give it a go and see what all of the hype about it was. I had intended to write a Propeller Ads review to see how they compared to Adsense, but I think i need to provide a warning as this turned out to be a really harmful experience for the website that I placed them on. Never use propeller ads on your website, it could potentially get your site removed from Google!

As you can see from the featured image in this post, the site that I placed the ads on got this warning and suffered a serious hit in traffic. This was caused by the ads being provided, they were incredibly deceptive ads trying to trick people into clicking them. Thankfully my site didn’t offer any downloads so there was no real danger to users, but this was enough to make me pull it immediately. Here are the ads that were being displayed.

propeller spam ads

propeller spam ads showing a download button and nothing else

This was really frustrating as it is not advertising and really hurt the reputation of a site that I tried so hard not to turn into a money site. Plastering adverts everywhere is not what people want to see. Regardless of my opinion, the important thing to take from this is that Google did not like them either. 2 days after putting the ads on the site, I got a report from Google and my site started getting the big red message you can see from the featured image on this post. I logged into my webmaster account to find this message.

Google harmful content warning

Google harmful content warning

I was lucky that I discovered this quickly and was able to remove all of the ads from the website. I submitted an appeal to Google and within 24 hours the warning was removed and the site went back to normal.

All articles you read about Propeller Ads being good are complete lies and are likely articles that people were paid to write. The bottom line is if you use this ad network you will get removed from Google. If this doesn’t matter then go ahead, but the $0.05 CPM doesn’t make them worth the time.


  1. Wao! I thought I was the only one who noticed their scam.
    Nice One. I love your blog posts. I am a c# developer and blogger.

  2. Hello
    Iam a newbee in MMO, i got a new site and added ads on it a few days ago.
    Iam using this advertiser network, i have checked my site on SUCURI so the result is my site got malware. My site using popup ads, the ad will happen when guest come to my site a few second, when they click on a link it will open a new tab. The question is, is that good for my site.
    Please help, thanks

  3. I’m not sure this review is real, looks like a fake. I work with Propeller platform for more than 2 years and still have a nice income from their ads on my website.

    1. It is a real experience i had while using their ad network on a different website. I have no reason to lie about it, i dont use propeller ads anymore and never will again. I never want to risk another manual action

  4. I once used it on my forum. What you say is absolutely true. Too many redirects upon redirects.

  5. The same thing happened to us. It took us months to figure out what was causing malware and malicious ads to be appearing when a link was clicked on. RUN from this company.

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