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If you are a blogger, web designer or someone who deals with media online, image formats will regularly be an issue. Sometimes they are too large, the resolution is wrong or the format is incorrect. There are lots of applications you can download to deal with this problem. If you are looking for something quick to convert images, then look no further. This tool will handle lots of basic image conversion options for you, completely free!

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Select an image from your device using the control below to begin.

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Some browsers do not support WebP and Gif when saving.

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How To Use

To get started you will need to provide an image. The image is never uploaded to this site and we never store anything. You simply have to select an image file from your device and once you have done this, the image modification controls will load up.

You will see a preview of your image in the preview window. I am aware that very large images mess things up on the page. This is just a style issue, everything will still work as expected. Disabling the preview didn’t seem like a good idea.

Use the controls above the image preview to modify the image. You can use the slider to increase or decrease the size of the image, keeping the scale. You can also enter the new resolution in pixels, directly into the input fields. The aspect ration will not be locked here, so the image may look a bit skewed. Nothing is saved, you can use the reset button to bring the image back to its original size if you wish.

Once you are happy with the size of the image, the box below will allow you to save the image to a different file format. The current options are JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and most recent, WebP. For lossy image formats, you can also specify the quality. The more you move the slider to the left, the worse the quality becomes.

Click Save, and the converted image will be saved to your device. It will appear as a download but it is actually just saved from the browser. The download should be instant and will not use any bandwidth on your network.

Convert Image To Different Formats

The tool currently accepts all image formats that are accepted by the HTML image canvas library. For most people, this means pretty much any format you will need. Just be aware that incredibly large files, PNG files, in particular, may cause performance issues. If you are attempting to create something that is dozens of megabytes in size, you may come across some issues. This online image converter is mainly focussed on smaller image formats.

Whatever image file you select, you can convert it to any of the formats listed in the drop down box in the form above.

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