Image To WebP Converter

WebP is one of the latest image formats to join the ranks of web-friendly image types. It is a fairly big deal since the list of web image formats is quite small and hasn’t been added to in quite some time. The short and sweet is that WebP results in a smaller file size than jpeg without a loss in quality. For the keen webmaster out there, the transition to webp can be worthwhile.

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Some browsers do not support WebP and Gif when saving.

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How To Use

To convert an image to WebP, you need to first select a file using the form control at the top of the page. The image will simply be selected, not uploaded. You do not have to worry about the image being captured by us. Once the image is selected, the conversion controls will appear.

To make life even easier, before you convert the image to WebP, you can resize it. Smaller image size will also result in more space savings. Select the format you want from the dropdown at the bottom of the page and you will be able to save the image you originally selected as the new format.

Since webp is a lossy image format, you will be able to use the slider to set the quality of the image saved. The lower you go, the worse the image quality will be but will also result in a smaller image.

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