is wikipedia a search engine?

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Is wikipedia a search engine? It is such a big site with so much data that you can easily nagivate and find what you want. Does this mean that it is the same thing as a search engine?

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Answered By Aaron Garnes On

No, wikipedia is an encyclopedia of sorts. There are similarities between how someone obtains data from one or the other but they are not the same thing at source. Search engines crawl the internet to try and find web pages that are related to a particular topic. When you search, it will show you all of the websites that it has found. It is sort of like an index of the internet. 

An encyclopedia is a collection of published data at a central source. Everything on wikipedia is hosted on their website. Searching for something on wikipedia doesn't directly bring you to another website, unless you click on a link to do so of course. There is some debate around whether you can really trust everything on wikipedia. Anyone can go online and publish something, it doesn't mean it is correct. This takes away from the credability of the site as you can't always trust everything that you read. "

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