Where is the private key for my SSL cert?

Asked By Elli Mongillo On

I have been following instructions from the SSL cert provider to get a cert setup for my domain. They gave me a command-line argument to run that created a .csr file and a .pem file. I provided the information from the CSR file and the cert was generated. I now have a .ca-bundle, .crt and a .p7b file that the SSL provider gave back to me. I am trying to get this all working with Apache but I need to have a .key file in order to finish this. Where do I get the private key from?

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Answered By Aaron Garnes On

The key should have been auto-generated along with the CSR file. Generally the file with a .PEM extension is the one that contains your SSL private key. Open the file, If it begins with -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----, then this is the correct file. You can rename it if you wish to match the formatting that the guide is telling you to do. This file is essential. If you have lost it, you will need to regenerate the certificate and start over again.

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