Social icons not showing for WordPress 2020 theme

Asked By Paul Asanka On

I am adding some social links to the social menu as part of the theme editor. I am using the WordPress 2020 theme. The icons are not visible when I add them. 

I saved the changes and checked the HTML of the page and I could see the icons in the html but they aren't visible. There's no CSS or anything that I can see that's causing the social icons to be hidden from the view. Does anyone know what's wrong here?

1 Answer

Answered By Simon Furrel On

Check to see if your adblocker is causing this. Sometimes adblockers will block social media icons. This theme only shows the circle icon, not the text. So when the plugin blocks the icon, there's. Nothing visible anymore.

This is an issue in general since it means that visitors to your site who might want these social links will be unable to see them if they are also using an adblocker.

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