Random Color Generator

There are a total of 16,777,216 unique colours that can be generated as part of the RGB colour specification. Of these sixteen million colours, the average human eye can only distinguish a small amount of them. There may be a few million shades of green but a few people can only make out a handful that, to them, seems unique.

When I thought of building a random colour generator, I saw no benefit in coming up with something that just came out with any one of these random 16 million colours. Instead, it will come up with ACTUAL colours. By this, I mean colours that have been given names. These names will often work as CSS valuestoo!

Using the button below, you can generate a random colour. The colour will appear in the box and the name above it. In the event you want to use this colour on a website, you can use the hex code which will also show up when you click the button.

Note: The exact shade that you see will be dictated by the screen you are using to view it.


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