Sorry It Looks Like Tapo Is Unavailable Right Now

Setting up a smart home is pretty exciting but it doesn’t always work flawlessly. Having spent some time using the Tapo devices, I have come across the same error on two separate occasions. Sorry, it looks like tapo is unavailable right now. Is there a way to fix it?

So to fix this, we first need to figure out if it is a genuine issue with the Tapo network or if google is just having some problems. Either way, the solution should take too long.

Check the Tapo app

Load up the Tapo app on your phone and see if you can interact with some of the smart devices in your network. If they respond, then it is most likely going to be google home that is the issue.

If the app is not working with your smart devices, you may need to check your home network and also make sure that the devices are online and have power.

Reconnect Tapo To Google Home

Google home may have lost connection with the Tapo interface, which is more often than not, the cause of the “Sorry it looks like Tapo is unavailable right now” error message. Fixing this is quite easy. Navigate to the following location in the Google home app, images below showing you where to find these if you are unsure.

Plus at top left of screen -> Set up device -> Works with Google -> Tapo -> Reconnect account

setup device
Selecting this option after tapping the plus in the top left of the screen will allow you to fix the tapo connection.
Sorry It Looks Like Tapo Is Unavailable Right Now
Tapo falls under the Works with Google section of devices
fix tapo not working with google home
Select tapo from the list of connected devices
reconnect tapo to google home
Selecting reconnect will keep all devices active in your home and will simply reconnect to the tapo service. It should be painless and fix the issue


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