Tambola Ticket Generator

Tombola is a game of chance that is similar to the UK variation of Bingo. The involves a series of random numbers being generated from balls and the first player to fill their ticket will win a prize. If you are running a Tombola game, you should check out our free Tambola number generator tool. This will let you generate the random numbers without the need for a random ball picker.

The tool below will allow you to generate and print an unlimited number of randomly generated Tambola tickets. Set the number you want, the background color and you will be able to click generate. This may take a few seconds if you are generating a lot of tickets. Once it has completed, you will be able to print out all of the tickets for free.

Number of Cards
Card Color
Please Wait, Generating Cards....

Print Free Tambola Tickets

Once you have generated a collection of Tambola tickets, you will be able to print them out for free. Simply click the button for printing that appears after the tickets have been generated and it will present a printing preview window where you will be able to configure printing options before you print out the Tambola tickets.

Prevent Cards Breaking On-Page Break

If the tickets are being split across pages, you can modify the scale of the tickets on the page using the preview and it will allow you to increase or decrease the size of the tickets in order to fix the issue by increasing or decreasing the size of each ticket in order to cause the next full ticket to start on the following page.

tambola ticket generator free
Modifying the scale options will allow you to fit more tickets on each page by making them slightly smaller. You can also make it bigger. Doing this will allow you to fit full tickets on each page.



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