Can amazon smart plug work with google home?

Asked By Keven Krok On

I am looking to purchase some smart plugs and I see that there is an amazon branded smart plug. It is advertised to work with Alexa, which is obvious but does the Amazon smart plug also work with Google Home?

1 Answer

Answered By Aaron Garnes On

It doesn't look like they are going to be compatible. Amazon wants to push Alexa to be more successful and popular than Google Home. If they can do this by spending money producing cheap, affordable smart plugs it will push people toward Alexa as being the more affordable option. Making these incompatible with Google Home is ideal.

There may be some hacks to make this work but the listing on amazon that you have provided doesn't mention Google Home which is odd when pretty much every other smart plug on the marketplace mentions Google in the title of the listing and several times in the description. There are plenty of other cheap smart plugs on the market so I would just look elsewhere

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