Can you give a room multiple names with Google Home?

Asked By Elli Mongillo On

Is it possible to associate a room with more than one name? For example, can I use "utility room" and "laundry room" to apply to the same room so that I could use either word to tell Google to turn the lights on and off? Even something like sitting room and living room. Both mean the same thing. Is there a way to make google give multiple names to the one room

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Answered By Simon Furrel On

It is not currently possible to do this. Alternative names for the one-room would be a good idea but right now, once you name a room, this is the name that sticks with it.

There are some workarounds that work though. I have a camera in the utility room as this is where the dog sleeps. I called this "Dog camera" but Google also accepts utility room camera. So you can name the devices in the room to allow you to use different commands that make this better for you from a language point of view.

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