Function Keys Reversing Between Fn Actions And Normal

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My keyboard has the usual F1 to F12 keys along the top. I use these for shortcuts in various applications. These keys also have a second action. If you hold down the Fn key and press the different range of F1-12 keys, it will do things like skip music, change volume etc.

F10 is used to skip a line while debugging in Visual Studio and on my keyboard, F10 + Fn will also play/pause music. It is getting really annoying that these values sometimes invert so that pressing F10 without the Fn key will pause music instead of skipping to the next line in Visual Studio. This happened before and went away on its own. It is really annoying and I do not know how to fix it. Why does this keep happening?

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Answered By Isaac Ortega On

This is annoying if it happens and you are not familiar with what is going on. This is quite a common "feature" of keyboards. It is possible to "lock" the Fn key so that its always on. Same kinda thing as caps lock.

There is no standard place for this to be. If you have a larger keyboard you might actually have a dedicated key that has a padlock with the letter F inside. Pressing this should toggle the Fn lock. If not, you might have the same icon on another key somewhere, often the Esc key. So press Fn+Esc and it will toggle the Fn lock. This should fix the problem.

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