Whirlpool Oven F6E6: Appliance Manager 1 Board Communication

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I have a brand new Whirlpool oven W11I OM1 4MS2 H or (859991549450). I bought it alongside the microwave combi oven. I have had it 4 weeks and it has been used once since the combi oven is very good. I tried to use the fast preheat function on the oven today and mid way through it stops. The fan stops and it tells me that the preheating is completed. A few seconds then, it displays a message on the screen "F6E6: APPLIANCE MANAGER 1 BOARD COMMUNICATION" and when i dismiss, it goes back to the main menu.

F6E6: Appliance Manager 1 Board Communication
F6E6: Appliance Manager 1 Board Communication error on the Whirlpool oven screen

I have since tried to perform several other tasks with the oven such as using the grill and a range of other modes, both manual and under the 6th sense menu and all of them are failing with the same error. It will run for a few minutes and it does heat up too but after a minute or so, it will crash with this error and that's it. Anyone know the fix for this?

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