How to turn light on when Google/Alexa wont respond?

Asked By Simon Furrel On

I have some smart light bulbs and they are super handy. Sometimes, however, they do not respond quickly. This can be annoying when it is dark and I need the light to see where I am going. Is there any way to bypass this and turn the light on quickly when Google or Alexa don't respond quickly enough to turn the light on?

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Answered By Dan On

If you have smart light bulbs that are connected to a standard light fitting on the ceiling, you should be able to turn the light switch off and back on again.

You are able to configure the default state for most bulb brands which means you can make it turn on by default when it loses power and comes back on. By flipping the switch, you perform this action and the default state of on will kick in and the light will turn on for you.

You will also be able to turn it on via the app that comes with the brand of smart devices you have. These often work over a local network instead of the internet like Google and Alexa do, making it faster and more reliable.

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