Is it possible to get Yoast for google docs?

Asked By Paul Asanka On

Is there anything like Yoast SEO for Google Docs? I do a lot of writing here as it is not blocked by a firewall. I would love to be able to install Yoast here as it would let me get an SEO score for my writing without needing to go to extra effort when i get access to my WordPress blog again.

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Answered By Amaresh Kulkarni On

It is not possible to get Yoast for Google Docs or Google Drive, but there are plugins available that do the same sort of thing that Yoast does. The best one on the market at the moment is the SEO writing assistant from SEM Rush. This tool costs money though which is a little unfortunate if you are working on a budget. If you can afford it, I highly recommend you purchase a subscription. It will make your life so easy and it does a lot to improve the quality of the posts you write.

If you want a free tool, you can use this SEO content writing assistant for Google Docs. It works in the same kind of way as the SEMRush tool but without the intelligent keyword suggestion feature. It will pretty much do the exact same thing that Yoast does though. It might be useful to get started with this tool and see how you get on. If it goes well, you can upgrade to the SEM Rush tool to further improve the quality of your writing.

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