Should I pay copytrack?

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I have just been contacted by a company called Copytrack via email. They claim I am using an image from someone they represent and want me to pay a large sum of money to purchase the rights to the image and pay for the "damages" i have caused to the client in loss of revenue. I have searched for them on google and it seems they are a bit of a sketchy business. Lots of news articles saying they are not legitimate and stuff. The email they have sent me sounds very serious though and I am worried now that I will face legal action if I dont do anything about it. What should I do here, should I respond to the email and try to negotiate or is this just a scam to try and get money from me?

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Answered By Isaac Ortega On

This is a situation a lot of people find themselves in. The simple fact of the situation is that you are more than likely guilty and because of this, are legally required to pay for the mistake you made. Ignorance will not be enough to get you out of this. The only thing you can really do to reach a positive outcome at this stage of the game is to try and negotiate with them. You will be in contact with a human. This person will be open to negotiation. Try and see what you can work out. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away.

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