JavaScript Multi-line String Builder

Javascript did not always support multi-line strings. If you attempted to create a string variable using quotes, putting a line break into the source code would result in a syntax error. Recent updates to the language have added support for multi-line strings in Javascript. This is massively useful when you are using JS to create HTML elements or to add visual elements to a page and want to improve the readability of the code for future maintenance. If you have a block of text that you want to assign to a multi-line string, paste the value into the box below. Once you submit, it will give you the variable that you can use in your code.

Variable Name Text to Convert to Javascript String
const myString = ``;

How To Create a Multi-Line String in Javascript

If you want to make a multi-line string, all you need to do is wrap the string using tick quotes instead of the more common single or double-quotes. The best way to see it in action is to use the tool above. This will give you a line of code that you can copy and paste into your application.

On a qwerty keyboard, you will find the tick character ( ` ) to the left of the number 1 key and below the escape key. There will be variations depending on the keyboard manufacturer, but generally, this is where you are more than likely going to find this character.

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