Nintendo Switch nsp etickets unknown or undocumented error

    Asked By Elli Mongillo On

    I am trying to install a game via goldleaf and it has worked for a few games but for some of the newer games I am getting an error where it says the NSP etickets are unknown or undocumented. I have downloaded the latest signature patches from and they didn't work. I also got the latest atmosphere patches from the github page and they havn't made a difference. The game is Luigis Mansion which is fairly new. Not sure why the latest patches are not working though.

    I am using hekate to launch the cfw from the launch menu. Everything seems to be fine and the install of everything went as expected. This is the only thing that is screwing up for me.

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    Answered By Aaron Garnes On

    I had a similar error with this. I am pretty sure it was because something went wrong during the install process. It might not have been a big error but enough to mess something up. You can fix it without reinstalling.

    Go into the payloads and launcher the fuslee glee launcher. This will boot you into atmosphere and this time it will use the latest licenses that you have downloaded. You should be able to get the games installed when you run it this way. If this doesn't work, you may need to do a full reinstall of everything from scratch. Its much easier second time around since you know what you are doing this time.

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