what is seo friendly url?

Asked By Elli Mongillo On

I have been using an online SEO scanner and it has told me that I need to change the website to use better urls. What is seo friendly url and why should i update my website to use them?

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Answered By Simon Furrel On

I don't really think this is a significant seo feature to worry about. It does have some benefit, but if you look at a massive site like YouTube, they dont use seo friendly urls.

This would be considered an unfriendly URL http://website.com/posts.php?postid=123 . This is more than likely what this seo scanner is talking about when it is saying that the urls on your website needs to be improved. 

An seo friendly URL would look more like this http://website.com/posts/some-post. It looks better for people to share, but it won't stop your page from being returned in search results. It is in your best interest to get this done, but i wouldn't worry too much about it. Having clean urls isn't going to make or break your website.

If you are using wordpress, you can easily change to SEO friendly urls by going to the permalinks section in the settings. Just make sure you have redirects ready to setup. Changing your urls could completely destroy all of your search engine rankings."

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