is wordfence premium worth it?

Asked By Simon Furrel On

I already have wordfence free running on my website. Im not entirely sold on whether I need to upgrade. It doesn't sound like it does anything special to make my life any better or make the site any safer. Is wordfence premium worth it or should i stick with the free version?

1 Answer

Answered By Elli Mongillo On

The last company I worked for had a wordpress site and they upgraded to the premium version. The site got hacked a few times anyway. I'm not saying wordfence should have found it but i dont think having the premium version gave any extra protection in this area. The free version of it gives you pretty much everything you need to keep the site secure. Unless the listed advantage of the premium version sound like they would be useful to you, you are best off saving the money and sticking with the free version. The upgrade doesnt make any of the core functionality better or more efficient.

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